Jon Wright

Jon Wright

Online Strategies,
Brand Building,
Technical translation,
Drupal solutions.


I help folks tell the story of their brand clearly and effectively in an online medium. 

As one of the founders of Nashville-based Music City Networks, I helped dozens of entertainment brands transition to an online model, discovering new ways to connect with fans and drive revenue. I later took those skills to Idea Den where, as the Vice President of Product Development, I charted the course for the core platform, which turbo-charged online sales through integrating products and content. 

In 2015 Dennis Thompson, Ted Benice, and I founded By The Way Labs, specializing in agile web application development. Our site-building platform fileSwift streamlines the storytelling process, supporting websites that are beautiful, performant, and remarkably affordable.
I have two kids and we are all three of us training for our red belts in Taekwondo.